Teacher Training Courses

At Lionheart Teach we offer primary and secondary school teacher training course through our School Direct Initial Teacher Training course.

Our course aims to:

  • Increase the supply of well trained, qualified and inspirational teachers in the Lionheart Academies Trust.
  • Exploit the potential of school led training with strong mentor support, linked to in-depth knowledge of relevant theoretical frameworks and exceptionally well-developed practical teaching experiences in all Key Stages.
  • Provide access to outstanding quality training and professional development for potential teachers.
  • Enable trainees to achieve Qualified Teacher Status and for school direct fee paying trainees the opportunity to gain the award of Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Masters level.

We work with three fantastic universities and provide multiple course to ensure that there is something right for you.


Leicester University Secondary Courses & UCAS Codes 2021/22
Biology – 35PG
Chemistry – 35PH
English – 35P8
Geography – 35PB
History –35P9
Mathematics – 35P7
MFL - French – 35PD
MFL – French / Spanish – 35PL
Physics – 35PJ
Physics with Maths – 35PK
Social Sciences - 35PF
Leicester University Primary Course UCAS code 2021/22
Primary PGCE with QTS Full time - E229


Loughborough University Secondary Courses & UCAS Codes 2021/22
Mathematics – AE34
Physical education - W284


Nottingham Trent University Secondary Course UCAS codes 2021/22
Biology – N218
Business Studies - J824
Chemistry - U348
Computing - V083
Design & Technology - X568
English - T126
Mathematics - M243


No matter which university or course you choose, the majority of your time will be spent in a variety of different classroom with experienced teachers, to ensure you can make the most of your course and gain invaluable experience in different environments.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about the universities, courses or placements.